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Some notes about AVR timers

Some people asked about how to arrive at the timer settings used in the IR library port. Here’s my quick guide on how to set the timer parameters to have an interrupt service routine called every 50 microseconds. 1. ATtiny4313 / ATtiny2313 … Continue reading

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MSGEQ7 based Audio Spectrum Analyzer w/ LM3915, attiny2313

Here’s how I built an audio frequency spectrum display around the MSEQ7 spectrum analyzer – in stereo: I took a lot of inspiration from this: … and built it first with an Arduino and Sparkfun’s spectrum shield. Later I replaced this combo with … Continue reading

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There are some 1D Pong projects on the interwebs such as monoPong and One dimensional PONG, take two which inspired me making my own. So, here it is. My take on One Dimensional PONG.   The main parts are an ATtiny2313, two tactile push buttons, … Continue reading

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