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IR Receivers TSOP4838 vs TSOP2138

Be careful not to confuse the two. I learned the hard way that the pinouts of the two models is very different: the VCC and GND pins are the other way around. The data sheet  is pretty clear about this, but … Continue reading

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MSGEQ7 Spectrum Analyzer Kit

I have designed two PCBs for the MSQEQ7 based audio spectrum analyzer I described in my previous post. See it in action here: The boards are stacked on top of each other. The bottom one contains the analyzer, timer, and LED driver. … Continue reading

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Some notes about AVR timers

Some people asked about how to arrive at the timer settings used in the IR library port. Here’s my quick guide on how to set the timer parameters to have an interrupt service routine called every 50 microseconds. 1. ATtiny4313 / ATtiny2313 … Continue reading

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How to Generate Gerber Files for Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB Service

More a note to myself, but you may find this useful, too. Eagle design rules and cam job files Fusion PCB Order Submission Guidelines Next, unzip/runrar and move to eagle: $ mv SeeedStudio_2layer_DRU_no_angle_20140221.dru SeeedStudio_4layer_DRU_no_angle_20140221.dru \ /Applications/EAGLE-6.5.0/dru $ mv \ … Continue reading

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3.5mm audio jack breakout board

None of the 3.5mm audio jacks I know of fit on a standard breadboard. For my previous project I made a breakout board for the “Lumberg KLBR4” audio jack to address this. You can buy those jacks for example at Reichelt. Eagle files:

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MSGEQ7 based Audio Spectrum Analyzer w/ LM3915, attiny2313

Here’s how I built an audio frequency spectrum display around the MSEQ7 spectrum analyzer – in stereo: I took a lot of inspiration from this: … and built it first with an Arduino and Sparkfun’s spectrum shield. Later I replaced this combo with … Continue reading

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An AVR and photoresistor controlled LEGO Lighthouse

Our local DIY and hardware store gave away some tiny LEGO freebies a while ago. The little lighthouse I chose absolutely had to have an LED in inside its lantern room. Making LEDs blink is simple enough. To make it a little more … Continue reading

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