How to Generate Gerber Files for Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB Service

More a note to myself, but you may find this useful, too.

Eagle design rules and cam job files

Fusion PCB Order Submission Guidelines

Next, unzip/runrar and move to eagle:

$ mv SeeedStudio_2layer_DRU_no_angle_20140221.dru SeeedStudio_4layer_DRU_no_angle_20140221.dru \
$ mv \

Run Eagle design rule check

open File / CAM Processor …
open File / Open / Job …


BTW, Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB Service is pretty awesome. I once submitted gerber files where it wasn’t clear whether to do slots or drill holes for a 2.1mm power jack. I was promptly contacted and asked how it should be done. This is service I did not expect at this price. Thank you Seeed Studio!


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